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Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight, NWS is a nationally and internationally renowned award winning artist of watercolors, oils, and pastels. Having painted since the age of three and being blessed with the gift of creativity, he has sustained his career and creative influence over the years to be-come one of the most known watercolorists and American painters in the country. His fine art has taken him all over the United States and around the world to such countries as France, Germany, and South America. Knight is inspired by nature and feels that his paintings are allegorically and spiritually influenced.

Knight is a National Watercolor Society signature member, and has eight additional signature member-ships under his name, in addition to a Doctorate (LhD) from his alma mater. Knights' paintings are collected worldwide, and are included permanently into many museums, corporate and private collections around the world. His art has been in and on the covers of journals and magazines worldwide. 

View Jonathan's work and contact information at his website.


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