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Elements of Design: Blue & White

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Welcome to our first Elements of Design post. In this series, we will explore various elements of Interior Design from styles and trends, to different kinds of fabrics and materials, colors, rugs, furnishings, and more!

Some colors and color combinations come and go, while others are classic and never out of style. This year one of the year's most popular color combinations is also one of the most classic combinations in the history of Interior Design: Blue & White


Blue & White made a big splash in the late 1600s when European royalty and other style-makers fell in love with Chinoiserie, decorative themes and elements inspired by all things Chinese. The importation of blue and white Chinese pottery from the Ming period grew rapidly and these exotic porcelain ceramics made their way into homes and even paintings. Eventually, due to political events in China, the flow to Europe of blue and white Chinese porcelain slowed. Manufacturers in Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, France, and England began producing blue and white porcelain, often with Chinese-inspired motifs, to keep up with the continued demand for the style.

Often called "Ginger Jars," chinoiserie pots have long been a staple of Interior Design and they are everywhere this year. Use chinoiserie ceramics and porcelains for a simple and sophisticated way to add a touch of blue and white to any room. Consider using blue and white Chinese-inspired fabric and wallpaper prints for a more immersive experience of the color combination.


Another trending way to use blue and white is with the classic fabric style Toile de Jouy. The traditional toile fabrics depict romantic French country scenes printed on white linen or cotton in a single color. The original patterns have inspired countless variations. You can find toiles in color combinations to fit almost every palette, including multi-colored patterns. There are also toile fabrics available in a variety of materials and patterns, including city, tropical and eastern scenes. Silk toiles are especially luxurious and beautiful.

Here we've gathered a selection of blue and white fabrics and wallpapers from around the studio for you to see:

Modern Blue and White

While blue and white is a staple of various traditional Interior Design styles, you don't have to use these colors in traditional ways. We love seeing traditional elements tastefully added to a modern room and we also love seeing this traditional color combination used in modern, unconventional ways! In The Galleries at MLB Designs, we've enjoyed seeing several of our favorite artists working with blue and white. We've gathered images of several pieces to inspire your new blue and white mood:


We only just scratched the surface of all things Blue & White but hopefully you're already feeling inspired!


MLB Designs

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